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Perfectly Clear v4.3.5 [Patched] [KOR]

글쓴이 : 익명글쓴이 날짜 : 2017-12-05 (화) 03:48 조회 : 315
다운로드 : Perfectly Clear v4.3.5 [Patched] [KOR] (2.0G)
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Perfectly Clear v4.3.5 [Patched]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Perfectly Clear is not your ordinary photo app, filters library, or editing suite. Its Award Winning, Intelligent Image Correction that improves your images with a single tap. All 18 corrections happen automatically so you get professional-looking photos without tedious and complex editing. And it includes powerful presets like Beautify which makes it easy to look your best every time.

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Perfectly Clear counteracts your cameras limitations by applying 18 automatic corrections to your photos.
Perfectly Clear captures life unfiltered without masking or saturating anything. Our corrections are designed to highlight the beauty that was always there so every photo looks as vibrant as life itself.
Learn more: http://spam.com/xlDC9I
Were super excited about our latest version 4.0. Weve taken your suggestions (thank you!) and are pleased to introduce a clean new look with even more powerful time saving enhancements that youre going to love:
Next Generation Beautify makes it easy to look your best
Our Beautify technology automatically detects gender, age, and facial features to apply just the right amount of correction. Weve made the existing Skin Smoothing, Teeth Whitening, Eye Enhancement & Enlargement even better. Plus, weve added 6 amazing new automatic corrections:
* Face Slimming
* Eye Circle, Shine, Blemish and Red-Eye Removal
* Catchlights
Powerful Photo Browser lets you crop, delete, rotate and more!
Quickly flip through your images in a gallery so you no longer need to go to another App to view.
Significantly faster!
Correct your photos at up to twice the speed.
Quick Correct
Correct with one tap directly from the new photo browser.
Can you fit all the power of a DSLR in your pocket?
With Perfectly Clear v4.0 you can. Our advanced camera includes face, blink & smile detection that automatically captures the perfect portrait or selfie, powerful Panorama, amazing HDR, and more.
Plus weve leveraged the latest innovations of Androids Lollipop, giving you full-resolution high speed burst, full-resolution panorama (Nexus 6 & 9), HDR shots of fast-moving subjects, full White Balance control, and more.
Automatic Image correction: down to a science
Whats behind our award-winning technology? 14 years of R&D, 10 patented processes, and 18 unique algorithms. We cracked the code on correcting every pixel independently. Its as if your 21 MP photo was taken with 21 million separate apertures.
Perfection thats tested over 30 million times a day
Major retailers, veteran pros and avid amateurs all depend on our technology to create amazing photos automatically and effortlessly.
Make your Amazon Cloud Drive photos look their best with a single tap
Now you can open your photos from Amazon Cloud Drive, correct them in seconds using Perfectly Clears mobile app, then save them back to the Amazon Cloud drive. Learn more: http://spam.com/vpwbfz
Have an Amazon Fire Phone? Check out the cool stuff that you can do with Perfectly Clear: http://spam.com/1XQmKn
What people are saying:
"Allows you to perfect your images, effortlessly"
-Huffington Post
"Can take a boring photo and make it amazing!"
-John Poz, GeekBeat.tv
"May have you rethink what it is possible to do with your phones camera... the best money you can spend on phone-based photography."
-James Oppenheim (James Games and contributor to NBC show)
"Does things well that separate it from the pack"
-USA Today
"The immediate impact was miraculous - like a strip of dull film being removed from the top layer of the image leaving pure, jeweled color beneath."


Fixed issue with Sharing corrected photos

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업데이트 날짜
2017년 12월 1일
설치 수
100,000 - 500,000
현재 버전
지원되는 Android 버전
4.0.3 이상
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Perfectly Clear v4.3.5 [Patched] [KOR]
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